In a barrel

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More pictures from our pumpkin picking adventures here.



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Julia, following in big bro’s footsteps has jumped in to flag football this year – and is loving it. She plays center and pass rusher, and has caught a couple of passes. She’s also team captain, and serves to keep the offense in line and on-sides. Panthers having a good season so far at 2-1. Lots of great kids on the team. More Panthers pictures here.



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Ollie tearing it up in flag this season. Having a smashing season with 4 touchdowns in 3 games – in fact scoring all of this team’s points. Unfortunately, the 13-year old division Packers, unlike their NFL counterparts, do not have a strong team this year, lacking experience at quaterback and several other positions. But the season is young! Here’s hoping they can grow a little, and become a little more competitive. More Packer’s pictures here.



Got the moon in her hands

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Photo by Oliver Miller Cohen. September 4th, 2017.

Pack Man

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Celebrating a big win on week 1.



LBI (2)

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A beautiful long Labor Day weekend spent with the fabulous Carnahan’s and Fuoco’s in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Lots of pictures can be seen here.


Crazy Jay

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LBI (1)

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Saying goodbye to Joanie

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It’s been a great summer, a fast-moving summer, and now, almost a completely finished summer. But it was also marred by the loss of Janet’s dear aunt Joan, who passed away on July 19th from complications of an infection. She had been ill from blood cancer for the last several years, but her passing felt sudden and shocking, and hit everyone quite hard. On this last Saturday evening of the summer, we held a bonfire to think of her and share memories. We lit candles and sent them off in to the lake, where, in true Joan Calder fashion, they stayed lit and plodded a strong, determined course towards the other side. More pictures from this truly beautiful evening can be seen here.



Hang on!

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Ollie tubing on a crazy, windy day.