Cousin Fest 2018

10 Oct 2018 | no comments »

Had a beautiful time on the shores of the Chesapeake this weekend, catching up with Adam, Andrea, Jack, Palmer, Michael and Victoria, eating crabs, paddling kayaks, playing poker and celebrating our 3 sisters (and 1 brother) heritage.


Remember when?

10 Oct 2018 | no comments »

This was the last time we were in Maryland. Pre-Julia. Must have been about 12 or 13 years ago.


Quick trip to the coast

17 Sep 2018 | no comments »

For a work meeting, and to visit my favorite LA residents.



Anna and Julia and Cisco

11 Sep 2018 | no comments »

Happened upon one of our favorite characters from “The Flash” one night at Shakespeare In The Park.


No “Cheese!”

11 Sep 2018 | no comments »

Ollie hates having his picture taken.


Johnny J.

11 Sep 2018 | no comments »

In Ocean City.


Seen better days

11 Sep 2018 | no comments »

Our favorite now-defunct ice cream stand in the middle of nowhere.


Let’s celebrate!

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

At the Pearl Oyster House, at the Whitney, on the ferry, at Dumbo, at home. Let the birthday parties begin! More pictures here.


Happy Birthday!

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

Celebrating on a beautiful night at the Whitney.


Half a century ago

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

This girl was born.


Scenes from a commute

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

Spotted off the South Brooklyn Ferry, en route home on a Wednesday evening in early September. God bless America!


Humpback whales spotted off the coast of New Jersey

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

We were joined by some special friends at LBI on Labor Day.



08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

A beautiful labor day weekend spend in LBI with the Fuoco-Carnahans. More pictures here.


Seneca wine tasting

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

Janet and I snuck away briefly to discover some of the wonders a few lakes over. More pictures here.


Bills camp

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

The team and the boys looked good getting ready for the 2018/19 season. More pictures here.


Anna and Julia adventures

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

A few snaps from Anna and Julia’s fun-filled week in the big city, in mid-August. More pictures here.


Suddenly last summer

08 Sep 2018 | no comments »

Wow. You wake up one morning and it’s no longer summer. You think “how did that happen – it just started yesterday.” But the truth is, it didn’t. Time is funny that way. It sneaks past you, and before you know it, a whole season has slipped by. I’ve got a camera and a computer full of beautiful pictures I’ve been meaning to post, but I’ve fallen behind. I’ll try to put up a few in the next week or so, try to keep up with the inevitable and increasingly accelerating passage of time. You can see a whole bunch of pictures from our various summer adventures here.



Ocean City!

29 Jul 2018 | no comments »

More pictures here.