Xmas wishkitty

26 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Christmas portrait of Julia, looking 25 years old.

Xmas morning

25 Dec 2018 | 1 comment »

Seems like Consuelo really likes her presents.


Xmas Eve

25 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Our xmas cracker tradition lives on.


Winter Waves

25 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Sunday, December 23 it turns out is an amazing day to go surfing. Bright, sunny skies, warm water (46 degrees), air in the mid forties as well. A 5mm wetsuit keeps you toasty warm – like July in December.


Merry Peace Corps

25 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Our annual get together to share good tidings and make fun of “Blad-ly”


First Skate of the Season

21 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Julia and I hit the rink in Prospect Park on Wednesday after school, with a beautiful, subdued sunset casting a wintry light over the ice.


Cousins in Brooklyn

19 Dec 2018 | no comments »

A visit from Seth, Sarah and Lila on their way to Boston for the holidays.


Holiday Kicks

19 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Janet took Julia to see the Rockettes in Rockefeller center the other night.


Making the magic happen

13 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Our very own Christmas elf, who looks a lot like Janet.


Raptors in Brooklyn

13 Dec 2018 | no comments »

That’s Ollie at Barclay’s watching the Raptors fall to the Nets by 1 point in overtime.


6th Grade

13 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Julia hates this picture. We love it. So there.


Cue the Holiday Music

10 Dec 2018 | no comments »

Is that Bing Crosby I hear? Must be that time of year again. Bring it on!


Thanksgiving Lounging

22 Nov 2018 | no comments »

On a Thursday in late fall.



21 Nov 2018 | no comments »

Another fine season for Julia as well. Nice to see her getting better and having fun. Looking forward to next fall.


On the move

21 Nov 2018 | no comments »



21 Nov 2018 | no comments »

Another shot from Ollie’s fantastic season. Seen here tiptoe-ing into the end zone for one of many scores.


Go Bills!

19 Nov 2018 | no comments »

Incredibly fun day at the Bills/Jets game last weekend with the Wheaties. Nice to see the Bills demolish the Jets for a change. This Matt Barkley guy may turn out to be alright. Here’s hoping.


Falling forward

06 Nov 2018 | no comments »

Gotta love this time of year! More pictures here.


Only 21 more miles to go

06 Nov 2018 | no comments »

The New York Marathon comes charging down 4th avenue.