Hanging Out

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Shoes n Cars

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Lots of amazing discoveries to be found in Burbank, including the Cydwoq shoe factory where they make some of Janet’s favorite shoes on earth, and the West Coast Custom company, the car wizards behind the show “Pimp my Ride”.


Pacific Park

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Loads of fun at the Santa Monica pier with Tamra, Aaron and Lulu.


LA Girl

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A lot of birthdays

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Celebrating at Musso & Frank



There’s fun to be had

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At Universal Studios. Thanks to Janet’s disciplined time-management, we made it on just about all the attractions. And no one threw up. Goals achieved! Pictures are posted here.


Re-take 2019

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Slight update of this old photo.






Matching Cousins

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Matching, as always. More pictures from the Lake here.


Shots from the lake

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From Father’s Day and Memorial Day can be seen here.


All dressed up

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for Claudia’s Bat Mitzvah

Beauty and Grace

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Julia with her friends Naomi and Kiera at the dance share for Mark Morris/Ballet 2 a few weeks ago. These ballerinas have been working hard!


The sky is on fire

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June is the time for beautiful sunsets in Sunset Park.


Viva Puerto Rico!

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Scenes from the PR Day parade that barrels down 5th ave/Sunset Park every June. More pictures here.

Ollie’s smash up

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Highlights from Ollie’s brilliant 2019 season at the plate. He had an insane on-base percentage this year with the Glads—I’m guessing around 80% or more. Lots of RBIs, runs scored, and stolen bases.

Throwback Thursday

30 May 2019 | no comments »

Pulling out an old video from the archives – one of my all-time faves. Back before Ollie’s voice changed and before Julia learned how to text.