All dressed up

22 Jun 2019 | no comments »

for Claudia’s Bat Mitzvah

Beauty and Grace

11 Jun 2019 | no comments »

Julia with her friends Naomi and Kiera at the dance share for Mark Morris/Ballet 2 a few weeks ago. These ballerinas have been working hard!


The sky is on fire

11 Jun 2019 | no comments »

June is the time for beautiful sunsets in Sunset Park.


Viva Puerto Rico!

11 Jun 2019 | no comments »

Scenes from the PR Day parade that barrels down 5th ave/Sunset Park every June. More pictures here.

Ollie’s smash up

04 Jun 2019 | no comments »

Highlights from Ollie’s brilliant 2019 season at the plate. He had an insane on-base percentage this year with the Glads—I’m guessing around 80% or more. Lots of RBIs, runs scored, and stolen bases.

Throwback Thursday

30 May 2019 | no comments »

Pulling out an old video from the archives – one of my all-time faves. Back before Ollie’s voice changed and before Julia learned how to text.

Contact Hitter!

30 May 2019 | no comments »

Just a few samples of Julia’s amazing season at the plate with the Brooklyn Flyers. Lots of hits, lots of RBIs!


6 Years of Seasons

24 May 2019 | no comments »

Was just going through my digital photo album at Dphoto.com, which holds just about every picture I’ve snapped since 2013. Funny to see the seasons pass by, all of us growing up, flowers blooming, the lake shimmering every summer. We truly are blessed to enjoy such beauty in our lives.



22 May 2019 | no comments »

It’s lonely out there in center field sometimes.Every now and then you have to go in and help pick up the slack for the infield.


Brooklyn Flyers

12 May 2019 | no comments »

They continue to crush it on the field, with another impressive victory on Saturday. They’re now 6-1-1, and are fun to watch. I took some pictures of the game, which you can see here.



This year’s portrait

12 May 2019 | no comments »

Looks not that different from last year’s portrait.


08_Mother's Day_ballet

NYC Ballet for Mother’s Day

12 May 2019 | no comments »

A beautiful Saturday night at Lincoln Center, to see some culture and honor the World’s Greatest Mama!




Four Cousins

08 May 2019 | no comments »

Oh, these guys. This is from Easter Weekend with the Wheaties. You can see all the pictures (or rather, select pictures) here.

Seward Park Bears

03 May 2019 | no comments »

So Ollie is very proud to tell people he’s playing “varsity” baseball, which he is for his high school team, the Seward Park Bears. They’re having a rough season, but seem to be getting better, with a lot of spirit, and some good highlights. His friend Jasper’s been pitching well. And Ollie has secured the starting spot in left field. At this game on Thursday night he was absolutely sensational: 4 outs in the field, including a double play where he threw out the runner tagging up from 3rd (who happened to be our neighbor, Ben). He got on base twice, stole 4 bases. This was an in-field hit in the bottom of the 7th (final inning); Bears down 4-3. 1 out. Ollie smashes this infield single (hit hard to short-stop who couldn’t make the play at first). Stole his way to 3rd. Then finally got caught trying to steal home on a dropped ball – a bold move that would have tied the game! This kid has come a long way in a very short time in his B-ball career. Can’t wait to see what he’s up to next!


03 May 2019 | no comments »

Like Julia, Ollie’s also have a smashing season (pun intended of course) with his rec team, the Gladiators. In their game a few nights ago, he smashed this RBI drive to center field – but got caught trying to stretch it to a double. Beautiful head-first slide in to second which I don’t think is captured very well in this video – squint and you might be able to see it!

Brooklyn Flyer

03 May 2019 | no comments »

Julia’s having an incredible season with the Flyers this year. They are 5-1-1. Her on-base percentage is through the roof. She’s gotten a hit in every game, including this drive down the first base line (listen to her coach Rosemary cheer her on). Such a pleasure watching her play and grow.