Dance workout

10 Jan 2020 | no comments »

Julia getting her abs kicked in Dance Class. To see more of Julia & Friends in action you can see the full video here.



The Three Amigos

09 Jan 2020 | no comments »

At a sleepover at our house in December.

01_New Years

Happy New Year!

02 Jan 2020 | no comments »

Had a lovely, festive New Year’s, as always, up at the Mercados. You can see more of those pictures here. Here’s wishing everyone all the best for 2020!




Nice haul!

25 Dec 2019 | no comments »





Merry Xmas!

24 Dec 2019 | no comments »

Having fun, as always, on Christmas Eve.


Holidaze NYC

16 Dec 2019 | no comments »

Ollie has a giant tree growing on his head.



Holy Rollers

08 Dec 2019 | no comments »

Ollie’s bowling team. From the school newsletter.



02 Dec 2019 | no comments »

Aaron Rodgers throws a TD pass on 3rd and goal. Amazing to see one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, live in action!


Packers vs. Giants

02 Dec 2019 | no comments »

Snow. Freezing rain. Two of the oldest football teams in the NFL going head to head. And whole a lot of cheeseheads in the stands. What a magical Sunday afternoon.


The Floats!

27 Nov 2019 | no comments »

After all these years, I finally got Ollie and Julia to go with me so see the Thanksgiving Day Parade floats on the evening before the parade. It’s been our tradition to find some reason not to go, year after year. But this year, on a beautiful, warm evening (with only 8 minutes of driving rain) we had no excuses. So we went up town, walked about 3 miles to get to the entrance, waited for about an hour and a half in a horrific crowd. Probably falls into the category of “fun thing to do but no reason to ever do it again.” At the very least, it was a visual feast.


Fall Cover Shot

11 Nov 2019 | no comments »

Fall is football, golden leaves littering the sidewalk, spiders and skeletons on every stoop. We’ve got it all right here, and Janet is our poster child for the season. It’s been a dry and warm fall thus far, lacking some of the spectacular colors of years past, but perfectly lovely just the same.